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X-ray Sources

X-ray sourse

IRIK-D type sources. Radionuclides 55Fe, 57Co or 109Cd are electroplated on a metal foil. The foil with radionuclide is hermetically sealed in the capsule. The hermetization of the capsule is provided by laser welding or by epoxy resin.
Activity of radioisotopes:
55Fe 5 — up to 150 mCi
57Co 5 — up to 150 mCi
109Cd 5 — up to 300 mCi
Tolerance limits of activity range from 0% to plus 20%.
ISO classification: C 54334 for 57Co and 109Cd, C 22221 for 55Fe.
Dimensions of capsule and active diameter can be modified as specified by the customer.