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Cyclotron Co., Ltd. About the company

The main tasks of our enterprise are development of technologies and production of cyclotron radionuclides as radiochemicals and radiation sources on their base for medical, scientific and industrial applications.

The enterprise has developed technologies for the manufacturing of more than 20 radionuclides as radiochemicals. The most widely used ones are Co-57, Ga-67, Ge-68, Pd-103, In-111.
The cyclotron radionuclides have advantages such as high specific activity and radionuclide purity.
In addition to radiochemicals, different types of radiation sources are produced:

  • Mössbauer sources with Co-57 in rhodium and chromic matrix used in nuclear gamma-resonance spectrometry.
  • Gamma ray line sources on the base of Ge-68 applied in the positron emission tomography (PET) systems.
  • X-ray and gamma ray sources on the base of Fe-55, Co-57, and Cd-109 for the X-ray fluorescence analysis and in-process measurement.
  • Ga-68 generators developed at our enterprise are intended for multiple production of non-sterile Ga-68-solution. Ga-68 obtained from this generator can be used for the calibration of PET-systems,

for making of phantoms, and for the development of labeling technique.

The manufacturing and delivery of radioactive products are covered by the License of the RF Agency for Supervision of Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Safety — Rostechnadzor of Russia.

The products are shipped in the UKT1A type packaging (transportation package set) — see more details in section “Package”.

All radioactive products manufactured by CYCLOTRON have been certified in the OIT certification system (a system for certification of equipment, products and technologies for nuclear installations, radiation sources and storage places).

The enterprise is accredited in the System for Radiation Control Laboratory Accreditation and OIT systems.


Radioactive isotopes are produced using two cyclotrons.

Cyclotron U-150 
The first cyclotron, U-150, accelerates protons to the energy of 20-23 MeV. Average current of the internal beam on the target during irradiation is up to 1100 A. Nuclear reactions (p,2n), (p,pn), (p,2p) are used for the radionuclide production on this facility.

Cyclotron RIC-14
The second cyclotron, RIC-14, accelerates protons to the energy of 14 MeV. Average current of the internal beam on the target during irradiation reaches 2100 A. The (p,n)-nuclear reaction is used to produce the radionuclides on this accelerator.

Radiochemical section
The Radiochemical section has seven heavy boxes (hot cells) with lead shielding thickness of 50 mm to 150 mm. They are equipped with manipulators for remote control of operations.