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Packaging of the CYCLORON production

The cyclotron products are shipped in the package sets of UKT1A-1C and UKT1A-2C types manufactured and marked in accordance with rules and regulations for safe transportation of radioactive materials according to rules and regulations, stated in NP-053-04 (a standard of RF), the IAEA-96 (ST-1) IATA, ICAO, and the UN regulations. The package sets have certificates-authorizations for the design issued by the State Corporation for Atomic Energy “Rosatom”.

Transportation package set UKT1A-1C (see Photo 1) is intended for the transportation of liquid form radioisotopes and the sealed radiation sources, which are placed into the glass vials, closed by rubber or polyethylene plugs, and crimped by aluminum caps, or into duoseal vials P11 and P85. The vial in P85 set differs from that in P11 by a dimple in the vial bottom.

The vials with products are placed into standard lead shielding containers of KT-type, which are packed in crimp-sealed metal can. The container is fixed in the can by inserts from polystyrene. The can is placed in guard package, which is actually a box from corrugated paperboard and fixed in the central position by shock-absorbers from paperboard. The box is coated by moisture-proof film from outside.
A non-standard lead shielding container is used for the transportation of PGL.1 type sources; it differs from the above-listed items only by its dimensions.

Transportation package set UKT1A-2C
The set is manufactured in two modifications:
UKT1A-30-2C for transportation of Ga-68 generator (see Photo 2), and
UKT1A-0-2C for transportation of phantom source, type PGL.2, on the base of radionuclide Ge-68 (see Photo 3).

ukt1a-30-2c.jpg   ukt1a-0-2c.jpg